Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation


Exercise is a core component of health and wellbeing or any effective injury rehabilitation programme.

The ability to regain motion and strength and ultimately return to daily activities and sport depend on exercise-based rehabilitation. The body will not regain normal movement and strength without a period of specific retraining.

“Experience and evidence have shown that individuals frequently receive insufficient rehabilitation, particularly end-stage rehabilitation. This final stage of rehabilitation is often rushed, inadequately challenging and too often completely neglected.

As a Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer I have experience of working with various different client groups to safely and effectively design a progressive rehabilitation programme that will assist in regaining range of movement and strength, improve function and increase overall physical fitness.

I can offer a range of different packages specifically for your physiotherapy rehabilitation needs. Angela Taylor →

If you would like to discuss how we may be able to help you further then please contact us.

Examples of individualised exercise programmes:

  • For individuals recovering from traumatic injuries such as fractures.
  • Those who want to improve their strength and fitness prior to undergoing surgery.
  • Those who want to optimise their return to sport following injury.

More Training Packages

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One to One Training


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Group Training


Why Agility Health & Fitness?

With over 20 years combined experience in the health & fitness industry, Agility Health & Fitness are able to provide a comprehensive fitness & musculoskeletal assessment tailored to either reduce your risk injury or provide a bespoke gym based rehabilitation programme following injury or orthopaedic surgery.

Please note that prior to starting a rehabilitation programme a comprehensive assessment is required. Rehabilitation is initially only available as one to one training to ensure correct and safe application of exercise.

Various Packages Available.